We are a leading centre for auto service and repairs in Sydney. We bring over three decades of exceptional experience and an impressive list of quality services in the industry.

Our Service

Dealership log book services without associated charges! City Garage service centre offers state-of-the-art facilities to repair all European vehicles, we specialise in VW, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Citroen and Renault and. We are recognised as the leading centre for engine diagnostics in Sydney. Dealerships and insurance companies across Sydney utilise our auto electrical and diagnostic services. Our investment in modern computer diagnostic equipment and our professionalism has also contributed to reaching this enviable position in the industry.

We are passionate and every repair or diagnosis is made efficiently, correctly and more importantly in the first instance. As a family owned business, we are genuinely dedicated to excellence in service and this philosophy practised over the decades is reflected in our long list of satisfied customers we have today.

All work, services and repairs are 100% guaranteed. If you have any questions please feel invited call our friendly team will be glad to assist you.

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