Our Warranty

In today’s fast-paced world, we come across warranties and guarantees of all kinds. Many of them are faithful to the written word and have the promise to keep. But our warranty goes several miles beyond what you have experienced so far. The written words in our warranty are simply indicative and we strive to deliver significantly more than what you would ever expect.


We offer a set of warranties and not a bland statement.

Our warranties include:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Noise guarantee
  • Factory warranty guarantee
  • Power promise
  • Fair Go policy


Manufacturer’s Warranty Becomes Void

When modified parts are fitted to your car by us, your new car manufacturer’s warranty will be void as a result. We will cover repair/replacement of any parts negatively impacted by the changed parts under similar terms as a new car manufacturer’s warranty.

Every service and repair that we undertake is always geared towards your complete satisfaction.


Check Our Exhaustive Document on Warranties

Our philosophy is to be nothing less than the best in the industry. We are not happy being the second best. Every aspect of our services is designed to make our customers happy and their cars safe. Despite the right intentions, there are times when our warranty is misunderstood or even abused by some. To play it safe for you and our team, we have an exhaustive document on what these guarantees represent and the action you can take if you establish a violation on our part. This page has its limitations and we are happy to mail across our document on warranties when you need.


Every Customer Counts

We are firmly addicted to our core philosophy “happy clients” and anytime you feel that we have strayed, do let us know and we will win your confidence back. It’s a promise!