Why Choose Us

Our mission statement sums it all – “Happy Clients”.

To understand how we stand apart in the field of European vehicle services, you will need to check in with us once. We can assure that your experience in our garage will be exceptional and unique. We are content only when you are completely satisfied. Even after you have collected the vehicle back after the trouble shooting, we have a system of follow up with you to ensure that your expectations have been met or even surpassed. It’s our core philosophy that has developed into an attitude.


Best Warranty Ever

Among other things, we offer lifetime warranty for all regular servicing carried out by us. This warranty will also cover most of the performance modifications offered by us.


We Care for Your Car

When you call us for the initial booking, we will check if you need a lift to your workplace or home or we can arrange a loan vehicle to ensure that your routine life is not impacted in the absence of your car.


Personalised Attention

All cars are not alike and so are people.  Every customer is different and his/her needs are also different. We will discuss your needs thoroughly and offer suggestions to help you determine what is best for your car. Every work we undertake will have prior approval from you so you have complete freedom to control the cost.


Your Safety is Our Concern

Every time you assign work to us, we will add a 78 point safety check (free for you, which usually costs $100) because your safety is our primary concern.


Nothing is Left to Chance

We have an inbuilt system that ensures every single conversation with you, including all instructions are electronically recorded and referred to while creating the job sheet. The job sheet is then checked multiple times to ensure that every item is catered with precision.