Best Parks To Visit In New South Wales

Australia is one of the world’s best tourist destinations, with plenty of attractions and activities to indulge in. 

Most tourists like to spend their holiday in New South Wales, given the many tourist destinations in this part of Australia. 

In particular, the NSW state is home to over 200 national parks, which gives tourists visiting Australia plenty of options to choose from. 

From these national parks, tourists get to enjoy Australia’s diversity of wildlife and landscapes: from outback deserts, bush, rainforests to alpine and seaside regions.

Below are some of the best national parks in the NSW state in Australia:

  • Blue Mountains National Park 
  • Kosciuszko National Park
  • Barrington Tops National Park
  • Sydney Harbor National Park
  • Lord Howe Island
  • Warrumbungle National Park


1. Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains is one of the most extensive national parks in the whole of Australian as it spreads out for over a million hectares.

This is, without doubt, Australia’s most popular and most visited national park and for good reason.

Tourists are guaranteed a host of absolutely amazing sights in this national park. The park is home to deep gorges, caves, hiking trails and gushing waterfalls. 

The Blue Mountains is home to the intriguing dinosaur tree and about a third of Australia’s bird species.  

It is also famous for the Three Sisters rock formation, which is one of the most photographed sights in the world.

There are also the Scenic Skyway which is suspended 270 metres above the valleys and ravines below. 

The journey lasts for 720 metres and gives you 360-degree views of The Three Sisters, Jamison Valley and Katoomba Falls.

There are also a couple of food and beverage outlets to relax in after your day of hiking and adventure, namely Terrace Cafe and EATS270.

The best part of the Blue Mountains is that it is only 65 km west of Sydney’s CBD. 

This means that you can comfortably visit this amazing piece of Australia in less than a day which is perfect if you’re just stopping over in Sydney for a night or two.

This is at the top of the list and is a must see place if you are ever in Sydney.


2. Kosciuszko National Park

The Kosciuszko National Park is home to the highest peak in Australia, Mt. Kosciuszko which stands at a height of 2,228 meters above sea level. 

The Kosciuszko National Park is the largest park in the New South Wales state and tourists can enjoy skiing in the winter months. 

Other intriguing activities in the park include mountain climbing and exploring through the caves. 

During summer months, tourists can enjoy mountain bike riding and hiking as they enjoy the view of colourful spring wildflowers.


3. Barrington Tops National Park

The Barrington Tops National Park forms a section of Australia’s Gondwana Rainforests. 

With its temperate rainforests, eucalyptus forests, alpine woodlands and grasslands, this park is perfect for camping as tourists can easily pitch tents and spend several days in the national park. 

The elaborate weathered volcanic rock formations in the park offer the perfect place for a hike in the national park.


4. Sydney Harbor National Park

This national park ranks as one of the best parks in Australia. It was created in a bid to protect islands and the foreshore areas. 

Visitors can engage in coast treks or bush trails, enjoy a plunge in swimming holes or indulge in a selfie session with friends and locals at the heritage Hornby Lighthouse.  


5. Lord Howe Island

This park is a top choice for snorkelling lovers. 

Though there is no mobile reception, visitors can access the park using bicycles, which is also fun when you visit as a group. 

The park is located 660 km off the NSW coastline, and tourists get to experience the most southerly coral reef in the world. 

You also get up close and personal with plenty of fish species in the state while snorkelling or kayaking around Rabbit Island. 

If you are a lover of water bodies and the related activities, this is the park for you.


6. Warrumbungle National Park

Famous for its “Dark Sky”, this park is a favourite for stargazers. 

It is also home to the Grand High Tops and The Breadknife walks, from which you can see the iconic rocky vistas. 

The park is also equipped with modern facilities and is an ideal place for camping. During the night, you can play astronomer as you stare at the stars.

The New South Wales state is home to over 200 national parks, which makes it one of the best tourist destinations in the world. 

From mountain climbing, hiking, camping, snorkelling to kayaking, the many national parks in the NSW state offers visitors a range of activities to choose and enjoy.

However, the number one pick has to be the Blue Mountains. If you are planning to visit the Blue Mountains, look no further than FJ Tours.

At FJ Tours, our friendly sightseeing day tours are the best way to maximise your travel time, which means you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mountains.


Getting Ready For A Road Trip after COVID-19

There’s no doubt 2020 has been off to an interesting start – and it’s turned our lives around in more ways than one. Many of us have been stuck at home in isolation, we’ve become teachers as well as parents, and we’re working full time from our lounge rooms. While others have been working on the frontline trying to help the panic subside or assisting those who are sick to get better; or continuing about our usual busy work lives, only to have no social life when the day is over.

The good news – the end is in sight! And as restrictions start to ease around the country, we’re finally able to start thinking, and planning, ahead and there’s no doubt one of the first things on many people’s minds is simply getting out of the house. Did someone say “Road Trip!!”?

If you’ve been in full isolation, there’s a chance you haven’t been using your car much. And regardless, most of us have had restrictions in place that have limited travel to 5km, or 50km maximum (unless we travel for work). So, here’s a rundown of things you need to do while you’re planning your road trip.


Choose where you want to go

You need to keep up to date with the latest Government regulations when planning your destination. As it stands, the borders remain shut in Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia. Victorian, ACT and New South Wales borders remain open.

In New South Wales, non-essential travel is still off the cards, but those restrictions are expected to lift in the next few days. Although it seems as though you might not be able to travel to northern or western states until at least mid-July, you can still plan ahead for a Spring road trip, or prepare to visit family within New South Wales.


Get your car ready

Considered an essential service, mechanics have been operating as normal throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns. If your vehicle is used to travelling thousands of kilometres every month, and you’ve only done 50km recently, it’s a good idea to have it checked by a mechanic to ensure everything is okay for a bigger trip.

A car that isn’t used regularly can have a number of problems, including battery life reduction, lost grip for the brakes, faulty electricals and oil and brake fluid breakdowns. A general service can check to ensure all of these things are up to scratch so that you can pack up the car in confidence. If you’re planning on towing a boat or camper, you should also have your tyres checked.


Book early and check cancellation policies

If you book for a September holiday today, you’ll find prices are pretty low. Many hotels and resorts are still closed for recreational purposes (with many opening in June) and they have almost half a year of lost travel to make up for. People are apprehensive, simply because we don’t know what the next few months hold, so prices are down to entice visitors.

As restrictions ease, it could also lead to another influx of coronavirus cases – and again, shut down of all non-essential services. Book early, but make sure your booking has a last-minute cancellation policy that allows you a full refund if needed.

At the moment, Australia is winning the Covid-19 war, and with any luck, you’ll be road tripping before you know it. Just make sure you – and your vehicle – are prepared. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help get your car ready for a much-needed road trip.