Alternators & Starter Motors Repair

We are well-known for using genuine quality parts and provide a high level of service to our customers. As a team, our focus is to understand the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations with the highest level of services possible.

Our business model is built on the customer-first approach, we always strive to build a personal rapport with every customer. Replacing the alternator and starter motor can be done by any auto repair shop, but when you come to us we go beyond the mechanical function of having your vehicle safely back on the road. We ensure that you get precisely what’s needed the first time. Your vehicle is repaired without any compromise on quality. Irrespective of the repair job involved, you can be rest assured that we will leave nothing to chance and you get the best services that your money can buy. We have come to be recognised as the one-stop shop for all electrical and mechanical repair jobs for European vehicles of every description.

The starter motors and alternators are critical components in your vehicle and a safe and smooth ride can be impacted when they malfunction. Checking up these components is best left to the professionals and you can be rest assured that our experts will not recommend major repairs or replacement unless they are warranted.

Car dealerships and insurance companies use and recommend our services. Our primary patrons also include large fleet owners and local garages. We are proud to have achieved this recognition through consistent dedication to quality with honesty and customer focus.