Battery Diagnostics & Replacement Service

Battery diagnostics and its replacement for cars are crucial.

Many essential functions in your car are controlled by the battery and it is the singular source of energy for a multitude of components in your car. However, many car owners tend to think that the battery function is limited to starting up the car and it’s a misconception. While it is indeed true that starting the car is among the main features of a car battery, every other electrical equipment in your car is equally reliant on the battery for proper functioning. Your car battery also stores energy and supplies it to components like clocks, alarms, door locks and radios even when the vehicle remains switched off. Most car owners would have experienced serious difficulties caused by the car’s battery at least once.

The charging system of the battery takes over when you start the engine and provides electrical power to different components in the vehicle. The battery further acts as a stabiliser for all the electrical systems in the car. For optimal performance and avoiding damage to the electrical system in the car, the battery needs to be maintained in good condition. The following procedure is helpful in keeping your battery in a good state:

  • Regular checking of tension of the alternator belt
  • Checking wear and tear of alternator belt
  • Checking level of electrolyte in the battery
  • Tightening loose terminals and clamps
  • Removing any corrosion that is visible

Battery replacement

Our battery replacement service encompasses:

  • Visual inspection of your car battery
  • Checking the cranking amp of the battery with the help of testing equipment
  • Removal of old battery and replacing it with a new battery

We also maintain adequate stock of batteries to suit nearly every vehicle and model.