Diagnostic Services for ECU & OBD, Engine Light Checking

New cars are equipped with on-board computer or OBD for monitoring the performance of your vehicle and diagnosing trouble spots as and when they arise. The computer helps in continuous analysis of the exhaust system on your car, transmission, ignition system and several other components. It is further capable of making adjustments in a manner that makes your car run smoothly and without glitches. The sensors attached to the computer can detect a broad range of faults like a catalytic converter that is clogged, high levels of fuel consumption, etc. When any of these problems are detected, the computer triggers a ‘check engine’ light to warn the driver of a specific issue or an impending event affecting the performance of the car. Whenever you notice these warning signs, the priority is to pull up and park your vehicle in a safe place. Continuing to drive when an illuminated warning sign is flashing is fraught with serious risks to the car as well as its occupants. When you are not familiar with the type of problem or the warning message, the best thing to do is call City Garage your auto diagnostic centre and get the issues examined thoroughly by the experts.

If you are out of our operational area, we can also speak to our associates closer to you to provide quick assistance for you.