Immobiliser & Key Programming

R160 RLi Remote Encrypted Alarm and Immobiliser

The 160 RLi car alarm and security system surpass the expectations of most vehicle owners with its sophistication and simplicity in operation. It is a product engineered and designed to provide hassle free service for several years. New features have been added to make it even more convenient for the driver. Even the most determined car thief would find it hard to steal your car.

The system comes with the best electronic design and the latest components. Most advanced encryption technology has been employed in these remote controlled transmitters. Further, scanners and code grabbers become ineffective since every code is transmitted only once and there is no duplication at all. There are always an endless number of code combinations which will leave all code grabbers gazing. The ultra-small size of the main unit is another attraction and it can be concealed with ease. Additional polycarbonate housing affords a second layer protection just in case a thief locates the unit.

With all these features packed into a tiny unit, the 160 RLi is truly a masterpiece and leads the pack of vehicle security systems in today’s market. Further, the product is also accredited by Thatcham in the UK and the design complies with appropriate EEC directives. The following are among the key features of this product:

  • Operational simplicity
  • Immobilisation through double circuit
  • Shock and ultrasonic sensors provided with standard equipment
  • Two remote controls (encrypted) supplied with the equipment
  • An unlimited number of code combinations
  • Siren with intelligent battery backup and data link
  • Central lock control
  • Optional sunroof/window closing options
  • Light control options
  • Option of early warning on intrusion detection
  • Automated unlock/lock option through ignition – optional
  • In-built hazard flashers