ABS Service & Front & Rear Brake Replacement

The braking system of your car is critical to your safety, making sure to get the braking system checked by professionals at the slightest sign of malfunctioning is a must. A squealing/grinding noise when you use the brakes is among the first signs of trouble. As with various other parts of your vehicle, the brakes also need replacement at times and checking its efficiency at regular intervals can prevent several associated risks. Many car owners have the habit of taking their car out on Sundays only to carefully check the vehicle generally for tyre pressure, breaking performance, checking the boot area for dirt and filth, cleaning up the interiors, etc. If you follow this practice, you are in good company and can save significantly with proper upkeep of your vehicle.

Resurfacing Rotors

The brake system in your car has rotors attached to the wheel. When you apply the brake, the brake pads grip the rotor to bring the vehicle to a stop. Over a certain period, the surface of the rotor develops cracks and grooves. In turn, this will lead to poor braking efficiency and can be very risky particularly on long haul drives and wet road conditions. Resurfacing the rotors will eliminate the problems and render the surface back into its new state.

Brake Pads & Calliper Replacement

The brake pads are present inside the brake calliper and are fitted around the rotor similar to a clamp. Brake pads must be inspected regularly at every service interval, When the pads are pushed against the rotor, the vehicle slows down or comes to a halt. If you notice a brake warning light, brake squeal, car sliding forward further than normal or experience uneven braking when the brake pedal is applied, it is indicative of a problem with brake pads or calliper might need replacement.

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