Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics

We specialise in nearly every type of European diesel engines. We bring a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of complexities involved in diesel engines. In turn, this knowledge helps us in identifying faults quickly and repairing them at an affordable cost.

Faulty or inefficient functioning of fuel pumps and choked injectors is a common problem that we have noticed with diesel engines. We strive to repair the existing components whenever it is feasible and our state of the art repair centre is among the best facilities in the region. At times where repair is not the best option, we fit new parts that are approved by the vehicle manufacturer.


Diesel Vehicle Workshop

Fuel injection technology, especially in respect to diesel engines has made significant advances and the ECU control acts as the hub to control most of the system. Competent diagnosis of faults can be made only in a workshop that is appropriately equipped with all modern equipment and tools. We have made a significant investment in the diesel workshop to ensure that our customers get the best possible expertise in diesel fuel injection.


Genuine Spares Only

We take extra care to make sure all spares used for your vehicles are genuine OE brands and include Denso, Delphi, and Bosch. Our direct access to nearly every leading manufacturer further ensures that nothing is left to chance. Additionally, we are also privileged to receive technical updates from the manufacturers at regular intervals. With years of experience and knowledge behind us, you can be rest assured that your diesel vehicle is in the best hands of our experts whenever you need their attention. The fully equipped diesel engine workshop is unparalleled both in terms of the equipment and tools and the experts who get behind them.


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