Radiator, Water-pump & Hoses Services & Repair

The size of the engine in most modern European cars and other vehicles has reduced significantly and they are incredibly efficient too. On the flip side, they produce more heat so a perfect cooling system is essential for keeping the engine working at an operating temperature that is acceptable. During the summer days when the temperature is raging, the radiator helps in preventing the engine from overheating and a coolant is circulated through the engine for this purpose. A leak or block in the radiator can accelerate engine heating leading to complete breakdown of the vehicle.

Skipping routine maintenance and corrosion are among the leading causes of the coolant leak. Hole in the radiator or a cracked hose is another contributory factor. Remember that the metal core of your radiator is pretty thin and can be easily damaged.

Our experience shows that professional inspection of the radiator system once every year is essential to ensure trouble free performance. A cooling system service will include:

  • Checking coolant volume and pressure condition
  • Checking radiator cap for fitment and function
  • Checking radiator hoses for cracks, disintegration and wear and tear
  • Checking engine drive belts


Flushing out Radiator Coolant and Refilling

Another important part of radiator maintenance is flushing out the coolant, cleaning and refilling. The caustic property of the coolant can enhance corrosion when left in the radiator for a longer duration than what’s recommended. As a high degree of corrosion is associated with the caustic property (chlorine content) of the coolant and getting your radiator professionally inspected at regular intervals is the best way to avoid disastrous leaks and consequential damages to the engine itself. With the radiator flushed out, refilled chemical reactions slow down to ensure better health of the radiator and enhanced safety for your vehicle.

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