Suspension, CV Joints, Steering & Shock Absorbers

A good suspension represents a significant component of the overall value of a car. It gives you the stability and ease of handling by enhancing friction between the road surface and tyres apart from improving the safety factor. From our experience, we have seen many customers reaching us after spending a huge amount of money on suspension repairs after incorrect diagnosis and part replacements which were not responsible for the problem. Obviously, most of that expenditure was for near zero solution.

The suspension system in your car has several components and the shock absorbers and springs constitute the main parts. Further, the system houses shackles, bushes, links, spacers, and bars to prevent swaying. A Proper suspension is necessary for overall safety in handling and braking. Further, it also contributes to the comfort of the passengers by cushioning the cabin from vibration and noise on the road. A significant role of the suspension is maintaining proper contact of the wheels on the road since traction by itself is insufficient for safe handling of the vehicle.

Most modern day vehicles are fitted with different types of suspension and some examples include:

  • Multi-link suspension
  • Coil Spring
  • Trailing arm
  • Twin I-beam
  • Transverse leaf spring
  • MacPherson strut

Experience is essential in handling multiple types of suspensions and it is not a one size fits all job. Our team brings over decades of experience working with different suspension systems for European makes and models. It gives us the capability to ensure that you get perfect repairs/replacement for your vehicle suspension any time you bring the car to us with a problem impacting the suspension.

We are known for our honesty and integrity and we stock genuine spares from major OEMs and wholesalers.

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