SUV & 4WD Service & Repairs

Many European vehicle manufacturers have designed 4-wheel drive and all- wheel drive vehicles to lend the maximum torque to each of the wheels without the possibility of the tyre slipping.  All-wheel drive also means driving on four wheels full time.  Typically this system cannot be switched off and is supposed to cater to every type of surface. Four wheel drive, on the other hand, refers to a part-time system which is capable of being switched on/off according to unique necessities.  This facility is useful only in low traction conditions. When the 4-wheel drive is engaged, the transfer case locks the drive shaft in the front to the rear in a manner that each axle gets only half the torque that the engine produces. This way, the traction obtained is better compared to a two-wheel drive vehicle. We enjoy the status of an independent expert for repair and servicing of all vehicles with a four wheel drive. We bring decades of experience and an all new repair and service centre which is comparable to the best that is available anywhere in the country.  Consequently, we can guarantee you substantial savings compared to other service centres operated by dealers.

Our technicians working on the four  & all wheel drive section bring several years of working experience in the older as well as the latest models of 4×4 vehicles. All work is executed on-site and modern tools and diagnostic equipment is employed for performing various tasks.  We undertake servicing and repair of all & four wheel drive vehicles even during the manufacturer’s warranty period and we will ensure that the warranty remains intact and the log book is validated. We stock a broad range of spares sourced from OEM manufacturers for a wide variety of 4×4  and all wheel drive vehicles.


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