Tyres Repair & New Tyres

There are several stores around Sydney offering discount tyres. However, our expert technicians have comprehensive knowledge about tyres and know precisely how they impact the rest of your car. Our team can identify other possible issues before loading a set of new tyres on your vehicle. This could include problems with the suspension components or the wheel alignment. As a full-fledged auto repair and service centre, we can ensure that you get optimal mileage from your investment on new tyres.

When you think of it; the whole car is riding on tyres and that makes them one of the critical components when it’s about safety and comfort. Different manufacturers offer tyres for varying applications like tyres for wet roads, tyres for all seasons, tyres for sports purposes, tyres for passenger cars, tyres for performance, tyres for small trucks, and tyres for light commercial vehicles and so on. But irrespective of these descriptions, each brand is intended for specific benefits and end use. We work directly with most reputed tyre brands and our long experience assures you that only the right tyre is fitted on any vehicle.

The following are some of the reasons why you will enjoy complete satisfaction working with us:

  • We believe in doing every service or repair right the first time
  • We offer  every customer, the best recommendations possible
  • We strive to understand your needs closely and provide the perfect solution
  • Provide you with honest and informed advice
  • We offer a free assessment of other repairs that your vehicle might need
  • We will ensure that the time you spend with us is most pleasant and comfortable
  • Our expert team comprises of friendly people who are happy to answer your questions


Tyres play a critical role in your safety and riding comfort. Let us help you keep them in a prime state.

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