Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel alignment for vehicles represents the process which aligns the wheels to a point corresponding to the rotational direction. This alignment is essential since tyres are calibrated to a straight ‘point’. With proper wheel alignment, the steering gets more comfortable and precise apart from allowing even wear of the tyre. The need for wheel alignment is even more critical when you consider driving on Sydney roads that are deteriorating. Alignment of wheels can also be impacted when the vehicle hits parking blocks and kerbs by accident or a divider on the road hits against the tyres when you miscalculate a turn. When these events happen, it renders the orientation of your vehicle marginally off the centre. The human eye cannot detect the misalignment though the effect can be noticed in the steering ability of the vehicle.

Three significant adjustments happen during a wheel alignment:

  • Vertical angle or Camber
  • Rear inclination or caster
  • Toe or the front part of wheels pointing outwards or inwards


Things You Should Know About Safety and Wheel Alignment

The warning signs produced by misalignment of the wheels are important for your own safety and safety of the vehicle. If you notice uneven wear of the tread on the tyres, it is indicative of the vehicle being driven for long without proper wheel alignment. When examined, it can be noticed that either the inner or outer tread has worn out to a smooth state while the other tread has more left to go. In turn, this will translate to replacing the tyres sooner than is required in normal conditions. Using slower speed climbing curbs and parking against kerbs is one way to preserve the integrity of your car’s wheel alignment. Climbing kerbs at a slight angle will also be helpful in this direction.

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