Brake Upgrades

A vehicle without the right brake system is risky and reduces the performance of the car. Any performance upgrade is not complete without fine tuning the brake system. At City Garage, we are aware of the difference an efficient brake system can make for the performance of your vehicle. We always use the best quality and proven brands for all our brake upgrades. We can deliver the perfect solution for reducing lap times, improve consistency, and reliability and driver safety.


Branded Parts

We source the best brake systems from established brands in the industry through our contacts or by the direct partnership to deliver better results. Our service caters not just for racing but also for regular drivers who want to enjoy a safe and relaxed drive with the perfect braking system.

Our experienced staff ensures the key components of the braking system are never overlooked. The brake discs or rotors is one of the crucial elements in the braking system. However, not all rotors are the same; it requires a professionally trained eye to pick the best rotors for consistent braking which are more resistant to fade and resilient even under extreme conditions.


Enhanced Benefits

At City Garage, we make sure that our recommended braking system not only maximises stopping power of the braking system but also provides:

  • Better operating life
  • Improved wet weather braking
  • De-glazing effect to pads for consistency
  • Better cooling
  • Gas to escape for maximum pad contact


Better Quality Products

We ensure that we upgrade your vehicle replacing factory fitted brake pads, brake fluid, brake lines and callipers. Factory installed braking system has its limitations. Brake pads are designed to work best within certain range. Outside the heat range, the brake system will provide reduced performance which can damage rotors and spoil brake fluid.

We make use of quality brake fluid which is often overlooked. The stainless steel braided brake lines we use provides better braking performance and reduces stress on your foot transferring braking effort to brake callipers from your foot. The bigger brake kit installed by us provides improved heat dissipation and better performance.


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