Diesel Performance

Diesel engines have evolved over the years. They are no more noisy like their predecessors. The manufacturers provide improved power and torque in all the vehicles from hot hatches to traditional 4WDs. The advantage for those who prefer diesel engines is that they are responsive to our treatment.
More Power and Reliability

Diesel engines provide a lot of room for tuning. Like all engines, they come with basic settings from the factory allowing us to work on unleashing its full potential for you. Diesel engines are well built and can withstand higher stress levels than a standard petrol engine. It gives a lot of scope for performance tuning without any damage to the engine.

The professional fine tuning to the latest model diesel engines like EURO performance hatch, 4WD SUV or tourer can provide rich dividends providing higher performance and power. We provide customised solutions that suit any model. We have the experience and knowledge to provide practical ways to unleash more efficiency, torque and drivability for any vehicle.

Our service provides innumerable benefits which include:

  • Better Throttle Response
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Higher Power
  • Better Reliability
  • Increased Torque Speed.

These are just indicative benefits while you have a lot more benefits that can make a huge difference to the performance of your vehicle.


Our Advantage

Our professionals are well trained and have imbibed best practices to fine tune any vehicle from throughout the world. At City Garage, we fine tune and upgrade all the vehicles using advanced dyno tune software programs which are customised for every vehicle to achieve the best results. We don’t leave any stone unturned to achieve better performance for your car.

City Garage is the perfect place to achieve improved performance in an affordable way. Contact our experienced team now to discuss all the benefits you can expect in custom fine tuning your vehicle.


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