Suspension Upgrades

The vehicle’s suspension is the most critical element for your car’s safety and performance. It is as important as the tyre since it’s the suspension which provides support to the tyres to stay on the road. A vehicle is a dynamic and moving mechanism and not a static thing. Its dynamic behaviour must be understood properly to improve the performance of your car. Our staff at City Garage are well trained to keep your vehicle’s suspension in top condition to meet the dynamic mechanism of the wheel. Our goal is to ensure enhanced safety and performance of the vehicle.


Expertise You can Count on

We have the expertise to deal with any service including ride height change to a customised handling package. All our services come at reasonable costs. We utilise the most advanced suspensions from reputed suppliers. We are passionate about cars, and our craftsmanship shows our passion.

We use top-quality sway bars unlike the company fitted bars which can reduce body roll and improve the overall grip and comfort without compromising ride quality and drivability. All the alignment products like camber and castor including rubber bushes are of premium quality and provides:

  • Better alignment setting
  • Improved grip under load and braking
  • Higher resistance to body through steering geometry
  • Precise feedback through the steering wheel

Improved Balance and Precision

We also ensure that chassis, body bracing, and coilovers are chosen with care. Our recommended strut brace will provide enhanced turn in and precision. It also lasts longer and provides better steering feedback. Our coilovers offer better control and adjust to different driving styles.

They are flexible and enables ride height adjustment. It allows altering the weight distribution of the vehicle providing excellent balanced corner weighing.

We have the experience in dealing with all sorts of complex vehicle problems, and we advise, fit, and supply the highest quality products and services to suit your unique needs.


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