Air Conditioning Service

There can be times when the air conditioning system performs below optimal levels. The air conditioning system in your vehicle may be in need of a service or there can also be other issues such as loose belts or leakages within the system.

We recommend servicing your air condition system at least once every 12 months. The gas in the compressor tends to leak slowly and this is a major reason for a drop in cooling effect. The hoses also tend to absorb moisture resulting in filters blocking.

Most service centres and car owners don’t focus adequately on optimal performance of a car’s air-conditioning at regular intervals. In the absence of a regular check, you can always run the risk of serious system damage, the age or model of the vehicle is less important and a full-fledged service or repair of the air conditioning system can keep you cool even on the hottest days.

Servicing a car’s air conditioner will involve connecting it to multiple service gauges and running the system to check for performance and pressure levels. In brief, the process involves complete diagnoses and repair of all issues. During the process, we will also check the type of gas used and recommend changing from the old CFC R12 to the latest R134a gas. The compressor, condensing unit and vacuum system will be checked. All filters will be removed, cleaned and replaced if necessary. Refrigerant will be recharged and all components will be tested to identify leaks if any. Finally, an important part of car air-conditioned repair is to remove potential bad odours from the system.

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