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Outstanding Car Service in Marrickville – Your Car is in Good Hands

As an established centre for car service in Marrickville, we are proud of the long list of satisfied clients who are convinced of our experience and expertise in servicing automobiles of nearly every description. Thanks to these esteemed customers, we have today grown to become the go-to destination for car owners whenever they have a problem with their automobile or simply a general servicing to ensure that everything is in a pristine state with their cars.

Our team of committed experts, each of them with several years of experience are proud of the quality of services they provide to our customers. We take special care to ensure that every customer gets the same treatment irrespective of the type or size of the job. On most occasions, we strive to provide a single point contact so that nothing is left to chance and our customers have absolute peace of mind.

No… You can have your car serviced anywhere to maintain the warranty requirements as outlined in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Be sure to keep copies of all receipts as a record of services performed. City Garage, the car service in Marrickville precisely follows each vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

Most manufacturers recommend around 100,000 km, but this varies from vehicle to vehicle and manufacturer to manufacturer. We at City Garage, the car mechanic shop in Marrickville can look up what is recommended specifically for your vehicle to ensure it stays properly maintained.

With proper maintenance, your vehicle is less likely to break down, but it is not likely that it will never break down. It’s an engine, so it will break down at some point, but the goal at City Garage is find any issues and resolve them before they leave you on the side of the road.

Yes. Our mechanic shop in Marrickville is a full-service repair facility and offer repair and maintenance on most makes and models. We conduct weekly training programs which ensure our team receives constant updates on technology and techniques evolving in the European automotive industry around the globe.

Even if you lease a vehicle, you are responsible for all maintenance and repairs required to keep the vehicle in good working order as outlined in the owner’s manual.

We offer a wide range of car services that includes:

  1. Log book servicing as specified by manufacturers
  2. Air conditioning and auto electrical servicing
  3. Diesel Fuel injector maintenance service
  4. Intake system maintenance
  5. Fuel system injector servicing
  6. Round the clock breakdown service
  7. Authorised inspection station for Blue and pink slips from the RTA

Performance tuning is among our specialties, and we guarantee complete professional tuning service to provide enhanced on-road fuel efficiency for your automobiles.

We service every type of car, and our experts have several years of experience with every automobile on the road including prestige race cars, classic family cars, and vehicles from vintage to the sophisticated versions from different manufacturers. We offer a broad range of mechanical as well as auto electrical services including warranty servicing for new cars, performance accessories and key-less car locking systems.

We guarantee complete satisfaction to every customer with our car service in Marrickville.

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