Fuel System Injector Maintenance Services

We specialise in servicing all electronic fuel injection systems with ultrasonic cleaning, leak check, and flow match to repair your injectors. The fuel injection builds up with varnishes, dirt, and carbon. This type of build-up, in turn, impacts the performance of your vehicle seriously.

Carbon build-up becomes noticeable when symptoms like poor acceleration, engine pinging, hesitant start, repeated stalling (particularly on cold days), poor fuel economy, rough idling, and poor performance during winter months. By choosing carbon cleaning at regular intervals, you will not only experience a smooth ride but also save from a more fuel efficient car. We use sophisticated cleaning solutions that will keep your car safe from any side effects. Our range of services include:

  • Engine management
  • Electronic and traditional EFI systems
  • Repair and testing fuel injector
  • Engine repairs and diagnosis
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Backflushing
  • Flow testing
  • Testing and repairs to fuel injection pump
  • Emission testing
  • General maintenance, servicing and repairs

We have the experience to cater for all European vehicle makes and models.
Electronic Fuel Injection


MPI – Multipoint Injection Systems

Multipoint injection systems consist of a minimum one injector for every engine cylinder. Fuel flow through the injectors needs to be balanced. Sequential systems employ a sensor to detect camshaft position and the order of firing cylinder. The SPI or single point systems at times referred to as throttle body injection of centre point injection injects the fuel into the body of the throttle venturie at a single point ahead of the throttle valve at which point the airflow is at its maximum. This system resembles a carburettor equipped with electronic controls.

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