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New Car Warranty Repairs & Servicing

When your new car is in need of a service, your best option is to contact your team at City Garage. We are experts offering minor as well as major log book services as recommended by vehicle manufacturers. Many car owners continue to believe that if they go to independent workshops, they will stand to lose the warranty and therefore head straight to the respective dealerships. New regulations from the Department of Fair Trading have made it easy on you and you can now get your car serviced by any auto centre that is licensed. The statutory warranty on your vehicle will remain unscathed.

A real alternative to visiting your car dealership for major or minor problems during the warranty period is just to contact us. After the conversation, you can bring your car along and be rest assured that we will examine your vehicle thoroughly. Appropriate solutions will be provided at the most affordable prices.


Regular Servicing Essential for Your Vehicle

Getting your car serviced at regular or designated intervals will help you avoid most problems when you are on the road. In reality, most of us think of vehicle servicing only when a problem germinates and the car cannot be driven safely. The following are among tasks that will be performed during a car service (minor):

  • Changing oil filter
  • Oil change
  • Flushing Engine oil system
  • Cleaning and adjusting brakes/handbrakes
  • Inspection check covering 150 points
  • Top up fluid levels
  • Lubricating all points and undercarriage

We also offer a comprehensive car service that will include additional components including scanning and resetting engine management system. For more details call us now.


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