Petrol & Diesel Intake Service System

Build-up of oil vapour in the intake manifold and clogging are among the most common causes of the performance of later models of diesel engines. Our experience has shown that sludge build up causes the air supply pipe to be fully closed. Thorough cleaning of the intake manifold and connected pipes should be carried out at an interval of every 50,000 kilometres. The air intake system of diesel engines attracts a lot of oil vapours through the breather hose which acts as a vent for the crankcase. The vapours that build up eventually chokes air supply to the intake. Care needs to be taken to make sure the breather hose is never plugged or pinched since that can lead to major leakage of engine oil. An oily residue tends to coat the intake valves and that prevents the engine from breathing. Together these can impact the fuel economy and overall engine performance.

We use BG Diesel tools to prevent expensive repairs and restore lost performance. You can expect a significant reduction in the overall cost of maintenance through this measure apart from ensuring a longer and productive life of the engine in your automobile. On several occasions, we have noticed that the throttle valves and the intake system in the modern diesel engine tend to be heavily contaminated and this can potentially lead to:

  • Loss of power
  • Uneven running of the engine and poor response to throttle
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Difficulties with starting
  • Increase in emissions

We are also approved specialists for diesel engines. We have the capability to repair, modify, and resolve problems in all diesel fuel pumps (Denso, Siemens, Bosch, and Delphi.) and other components related to diesel injection systems.

You can rely on us to bring back the diesel engine in any vehicle to its prime state using our experience and technology.

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