Pink Slips, Blue Slips, and Vehicle Safety Inspection

At times, car owners tend to be unaware of safety issues in their vehicle and take to the road putting themselves and family at great risk.

We can carry out the required ‘safety check’ and examine key features which identify defective or worn out parts which are not in conformity with the manufacturer’s standard service plan. This kind of safety inspection is particularly useful before you embark on long-haul trips like an annual holiday trip with your family. Next time you chalk out a long drive, you can ensure the safety of everyone driving along with you by bringing across your vehicle for a safety check at our state of the art facility in Sydney.

The following are among the major areas we will consider during a safety check:

  • Fluid leaks that are visible
  • Steering and suspension
  • Braking system
  • Cooling system
  • Tyres
  • Fan belts
  • All lights
  • Windscreen wipers, horn, and seat belts
  • Water hoses connected to the radiator


Rego Inspection

Rego inspection refers to road worthiness inspection carried out as part of the vehicle registration process. We all know the dangers of driving an unregistered. In the absence of appropriate registration, third party insurers would refuse to issue CTP policy making it even more risky for you to drive the vehicle.

E-Safety Check Pink Slip

This safety inspection will certify your car to be roadworthy. Every vehicle older than three years must undergo a safety inspection before the registration is renewed. The related notice will advise you if an inspection is needed before renewal. To obtain the pink slip, book your car in to City Garage, we are an (AIS) Authorised Inspection Station.

Blue Slip

Opposed to the pink slip, the blue slip constitutes is necessary for vehicles need a transfer from interstate, engine number changes, defect clearance or vehicles that have had registration expired for 3 months and over. Repairs necessary before registration or renewal are listed in the slip.

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